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Sand-Piece Moulding (Sand Casting)

This is an efficient and economic alternative to lost wax casting especially on a large scale. Many life size and monumental bronze sculptures have relative simple textures and are are best suited to sand casting.

Sand pieces are carefully formed around every details of the artist's model. On completion, the pieces are disassembled , the model is removed and and after the core is formed, the mould is re-assembled. It is then cast and after cooling, the sand boxes are "knocked out" and the runner system and core is removed. Specialist chasers assemble the components and restore to the artist's original detailed sculpture.

Lost-Wax Casting

Wax is poured to form a hollow casting in the negative rubber mould.  A system of runners and a hanging core supported by steel pins are added and the wax is invested with a ceramic shell. After dewaxing, molten metal is poured into the cavities previously occupied by the wax. The ceramic shell is broken and the runner system is removed by the skilled chaser who ensures the surface texture is restored to the artist's original detailed sculpture.

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